GB WhatsApp Pro

gb whatsapp pro

Version: 17.60 | Size: 70MB

GB WhatsApp Pro is a customized version of the popular messaging application WhatsApp. It is not an official version of the app, and WhatsApp does not endorse or support it. GBWhatsApp Pro includes features and customization choices not available in the official application, such as the ability to hide your online status, schedule messages, and use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

GBWhatsApp is nothing more than an upgraded version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger’s Core Resource Files were released in 2016 for testing and experimenting purposes. Android developers re-created and modified the files, resulting in numerous unofficial WhatsApp clones. Among them, GB WhatsApp was the best because it contains a lot of new features that are highly useful to consumers. Download the GB Whatsapp app for free.

You must have heard of WhatsApp, right? And GB WhatsApp is one of many WhatsApp versions with extensive features. It has many more capabilities than WhatsApp, such as stealth, automatic reply, selecting more people to send messages to at the same time, and even sharing larger video files. WhatsApp Pro is an additional WhatsApp version. You may have heard from other sources that GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Pro are two separate applications. The only difference is that they have different features; however, they are the same app, so you can download whichever one you like.

GB WhatsApp Pro Features

Privacy Options

GBWhatsApp Pro adds additional privacy options not available in the default app. These allow you to hide or show your online status, blue ticks, double ticks, type status, and more.

Auto Reply

As a start, you can use this auto-reply function to respond to any of your friends at any time. You may use this to promote your business by sending an infinite number of Bulk messages to any chat or Group.


Themes were included in the GBWA APK and have since become one of the mod’s most useful features. They allow you to modify the layout of your app at any time you want. Several themes are already available, and the developer is constantly creating new ones.

DND Mode

It features an inbuilt Do Not Disturb Mode. If you are using another app on your Android phone and do not want to be interrupted by Whatsapp messages, you may use the DND feature to stop the internet connection for GB Whatsapp Pro exclusively.

App Lock

You can use the app lock to need a PIN, Pattern, Password, or Fingerprint to open the app and access your messages. This provides an extra level of protection and keeps your messages hidden even from anyone who has access to your phone. If desired, the PIN and Password can be shown while you input.

Download Status

Another useful feature of the app is the ability to save images and videos of status updates posted by other contacts. You no longer need to use a third-party application to save any type of status from your contact list.

Bulk Sender

This application allows you to send Bulk Message Sending Features, which means you may send an unlimited number of messages to contact and deceive others with this great tool.


Comes with an anti-revoke messaging function, which means that if someone sends any type of message and then deletes everything from their side, those deleted messages remain visible by default.

Filter Messages

The GB WhatsApp Pro APK includes the Filter Messages feature, which gives the user the choice to clear chat, which can also filter your messages.

Hide Your Status Seen

You can check and download your friend’s status at any moment, but if you don’t want to notify them, you can do that with a single click.

Send Maximum Pictures

When compared to official WhatsApp, you can send more than 90 photographs at once. You can also send a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio file to your contact.

Send High Image Quality

When we need to send images at their original quality, we use the Document Option. GBWhatsApp Pro now allows you to keep images in high resolution.

Why GBWhatsApp Pro?

Essentially, there isn’t much difference in terms of appearance and structure between Original WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Pro, and even FM WhatsApp. As you may be aware, the primary distinction between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp is that GB WhatsApp offers more features, which is why people prefer to use GB WhatsApp. Anyone interested in using the most recent version of GBWhatsApp can do so on Android phones. Let me share some of the most important highlights from GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Pro Vs WhatsApp Official

If you’re still undecided about whether to download and install Whatsapp GB for use, let me clarify the differences. Please see the table of comparisons below.

FeatureWhatsAppGBWhatsApp Pro
DND Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit100MB999MB
Forwarding Limit5 ChatsUnlimited Chats
Status Length139255
Auto Message
Bulk Message
Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Add-ons GBWA Pro is an unofficial WhatsApp version that allows you to hide double-blue checks and last connection time, among other things. Material-designed mod with lots of features such as customization, themes, changing styles, app locks, conversation locks, privacy mods, and more.

NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size70 MB
Updated1 Day Ago

How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro App for Android?

You now understand GBWhatsApp Pro and have the APK package file to install it on your smartphone. Time to end it pleasantly with the most basic installation method, which goes through the first step below.

  1. Download the APK: First, if you haven’t already, download the APK package file from the given URL. [GBWApp.Pro]
  2. Enable Unknown Sources: Before installing the APK, make sure your device has been enabled to allow installations from “Unknown Sources”. You may do this under the device settings.
  3. Install the APK: Open the APK file you downloaded and follow the installation instructions.
  4. Open GB WhatsApp Pro APK: Once installed, open the application to start your conversation with this Android app.

That’s all! You’ve successfully installed the modified WhatsApp version on your smartphone, and you’re ready to go with all of the above features and a fully customized app interface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is GB WhatsApp Pro APk Safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe because it uses the original WhatsApp API to deliver messages and calls. So there is no intervention from a third party, and your communications are secure.

Can I Use GB WhatsApp Pro and Official WhatsApp On The Same Device?

Yes, you can use both with different phone numbers on the same device.

Can I Transfer all of My WhatsApp Data to GBWhatsApp?

Yes, you can switch from the official WhatsApp app to GBWhatsApp Pro. It is simple to copy all of the data.

Will I get Banned for Using GBWhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a third-party version of WhatsApp that violates some key terms and conditions, but millions of Mod users continue to use it without being banned by WhatsApp. You can do that as well, but for your privacy and protection, we recommend creating a new WhatsApp account on this app first to avoid being temporarily banned.

Why GBWhatsApp Pro is Not on Google Play Store?

GBWhatsApp Pro is not available on the Google Play Store because it violates some Play Store requirements by providing us with officially impossible WhatsApp features. That’s the only reason!

Is GBWhatsApp Available for iPhone?

No, GBWhatsApp Pro is not yet accessible for iOS phones, and it is currently only available for Android devices. You might get an iOS update shortly, but until then, don’t visit websites that spam you with fraudulent upgrades marked as iOS.

Is it Possible to Install GBWhatsAppPro Without Verification?

You can simply install GB WhatsApp APK on your smartphone without being interrupted by Play Protection. You can also disable Google Play Protection through the Google Play Store’s internal settings if you’re facing issues while installing.

Can I use the Same Phone Number for my Second GB WhatsAppPro Account?

No, That is not technically feasible! You can’t use the same number on WhatsApp official and GB WhatsApp at the same time because when you verify your account on GB WhatsAppPro, the servers instantly deactivate your account on official WhatsApp.


GBWhatsApp Pro is an excellent app for anyone looking for a more customized and feature-rich WhatsApp experience. It’s no wonder that millions of people around the world prefer this app to the original WhatsApp. Please save or bookmark this website ( for future updates. If you want a more feature-rich version of WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus are all excellent choices. Let us now share it with your friends!